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About / Company Policies

Metrocorp continue to provide our clients with the highest standards of Quality, Service and Workmanship. We understand that the long term future of our business is directly dependent on quality of work and client satisfaction.

It is our objective to act in accordance with the following principles of good corporate citizenship.

  • To act honestly and be frank in all business dealings
  • To be considerate of the environment
  • To adopt and maintain fair and moral employment practices
  • Not to tolerate racial, sexual or any other prejudice
  • To support appropriate charitable works
  • To ensure the safety and well being of our employees and the public
  • To work in a manner of which the company can be proud

Click the link to read our environmental policy.

Pricing Policy

Metrocorp provides its clients with accurate and fair quotations. All work shall be estimated in good faith and with sufficient allowance for superior service, workmanship and finish. The company believes that it is not necessary to be expensive in order to achieve this policy. It is necessary however, to be innovative and efficient.

Honesty In Quotations

It is the policy of the company to provide all clients with open and accurate quotations. Possible variations or potential problems with the work, where apparent at the time of quotations, shall be clearly identified and detailed to the client. The company undertakes to avoid, where possible, variations to contracts, and where unavoidable to gain client approval prior to execution of any additional work.

Company Direction

The intention of Metrocorp is to maintain growth and profitability without compromise of the company policies.


Our staff are fully trained in all aspects of their daily work practices. Our structure is to build teams of specialist expertise and to ensure that these teams remain up to date with the latest developments in their specified fields of operation.

Training is conducted through various means including; specific product training, industry based lectures/courses, T.A.F.E., third party specialist training organisations and in house training.

All site staff are trained in safe work practices and carefully instructed in the use of all tools and equipment.


The company has adopted a policy of continual improvement. Developments in the remedial industry are fast paced and often have the potential to impact on productivity and improve project outcomes. It is important that management remains abreast of these developments so that product and system improvements can quickly be implemented into the company’s procedures and practices.

As major remedial contractors with a reputation for innovation and system development we have access to all major product suppliers within our industry. Attendance of supplier organised training courses, ACRA sponsored lectures and engineering based seminars ensure that our clients are offered state of the art solutions and industry leading technologies.