Experts in the remediation of concrete structures for residential, commercial and government clients.

Specialised Capabilities

Metrocorp Technologies have developed specialised service capabilities that enhance our ability to deliver complex, high-risk projects in the remedial construction industry. Our innovative approach provides benefits for our clients with improved safety, quality and productivity outcomes as well as reducing our impact on the environment and community.

Water & Wastewater

Our specialist teams have developed methodologies for the remediation of concrete structures and fitments, including sewer tunnels, pump stations, wet wells, pipelines, water treatment and wastewater treatment plants and components.


Complex Project and Compliance Management

Large trunk main sewer tunnel rehabilitation services

Access/Maintenance shaft remediation

Access shaft construction

Removal, reinstatement and repair of penstocks, stop board guides and overflow structures

Maintenance and upgrade works to a range of infrastructure including wet wells, pump stations, syphons water treatment plants and wastewater treatment plants

Concrete linings/coatings for reservoirs, water carriers, inlet channels, sewer tunnels and any other associated structures

Ultra high-pressure water jetting including hydro-demolition

Rock bolting/mesh installation

Shotcrete and Gunite applications including Calcium Aluminate Cement (CAC)

Expansion joint repairs

Grouting and pressure grouting

Confined space inspection support services

Desilting services

Remedial waterproofing and damp-proofing

Specialist epoxy repairs and coatings

Grout and epoxy injection and repair

Crack injection and repair

Remedial Construction

Our skilled and experienced teams offer a complete range of remedial services for buildings, building facades, bridges, walkways and other concrete or brick structures.


Structural and architectural concrete repair

Heritage restoration

Expansion joint repair

Expansion joint system installation

Remedial waterproofing

Water ingress solutions

Blockwork, brickwork, stonework repair & maintenance

Masonry crack stitching and repair

Specialist epoxy repair and coatings

Trafficable coatings

Grout and epoxy injection and repair

Crack injection and repair

Specialised demolition services

Carbon Fibre reinforcement Cathodic protection