Historic Vent Stack Stabilised

Project Details

Metrocorp began stabilising and repairing the large heritage-listed brick ventilation shaft in Premier Street, Marrickville, in October 2016. Work included removing the top 9-metres of the vent shaft (reducing it to around 18-metres), installing new capping and a muffler on top, cleaning and rehabilitating the inside, and restoring the brickwork and steel girth bands.


Concrete Repairs
Project Features

With the vent shaft dating from 1898, and most work high off the ground, progress was slow but steady and the crew did a great job. Permission was obtained for the mobile crane to occupy restricted airspace one day. A demolition shute, scaffold and noise blankets minimised the risk of debris or noise affecting homes. In a nice touch, some bricks were reused to form a new curved wall at the street entrance to the property.